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The Botched Cronicles

" The Search for Uuh? Something."

Christopher K Clouse
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Born to a family of 5 boys on a small island in the middle of the Pacific Keesor continues his quest for bringing understanding and harmony to the masses. ever shunned and shunted his battle rages even to this day. day 1. It's changes NOW and forever I will never to accept a medicore life ever again. this life will bend to my will. you can not change the path I select for it is my destiny to be. either get on board or get out to the way 'cause I'm coming through and at this point I don't care who gets plowed under in the process. if you're not part of the solution you are part of the problem. not exactly a loving soul protrayed in the preview. but life has had that effect on me as of late. 04-22-2005 2am. Appearantly the Universe does not require me to do what I'm attempting nor does it feel the need to convete any sense of direction to this little speck of a man aka Keesor. I grow both tired and bored of everything. some person,place, or thing end this please 04/16/08 8:20am